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Our Mission: To provide a tool that will help restrain your dog for you to perform various health care tasks.

Founded in 2016 in Federal Way, Washington, The Doggie Lift is an one-of-a-kind tool that helps hold your dog for you! No more having to ask friends or family to hold "Fluffy". With The Doggie Lift, we provide the strength you need to help hold your dog in place.

The Inspiration

Dr. Eric Lui, veterinarian and inventor of The Doggie Lift, has worked as a small animal veterinarian for the last 10 years. Over the years, he has dealt with a lot of pets and their owners. One question that many pet owners kept asking him were, “How do I cut my dog's nails?”. Not only did he get asked this question a lot, he also asked himself the same question. Dr. Eric Lui has a 55lb mixed breed dog named Shorty who hates having her nails cut. Every month, it would be a wrestling match with Eric and Shorty to cut her nails. In the end he said to himself “There must be an easier way”, thus, The Doggie Lift was invented.

The inventor, Dr. Eric Lui, DVM               Co-Founder, Lynna Ryu

                                       Lynna Ryu

About The Doggie Lift Canada, exclusive Canadian distributor


J.D. & T. are animal lovers & have two bulldogs. We were searching for a product like The Doggie Lift when our dogs no longer liked getting their nails trimmed. They ran when the clippers came out, we'd chase them. Holding the larger bulldog down was no easy task.  It was stressful for the dog and for us as well. Trying to get their nails clipped at the animal hospital eventually proved to be an impossible task also.  Putting our dogs under anesthesia for a nail trim was out of the question.  We called around to pet stores and dog groomers, asking if anyone had a device like The Doggie Lift.  No one had a clue what we were talking about, so we decided we had to order The Doggie Lift and try it out ourselves. It worked!  Less stress for the dog, less stress for the handler, its a win win solution. Finally, an easier way to trim your dogs nails.

We were so impressed with the product, we thought there must be other Canadian pet owners with the same problem that want a safe solution like The Doggie Lift.  So we called up our dog owner friends and asked if we could test The Doggie Lift on their dogs.  It worked on the other dogs with ease as well.  We knew we had to bring The Doggie Lift to Canada to help other pet owners.  

JD has over 25 years experience in the wholesale & distribution, while. T has 20 years  experience as an independent retailer.  This is our first business venture together and we are very excited to be a part of the pet product industry.  We are thrilled to have Dr. Eric Lui, DVM the inventor of The Doggie Lift device, joining us to help launch The Doggie Lift Canada at at the Spring Canadian Pet Expo April 14-16, 2017, Canada’s largest consumer pet show.